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Where can I get a recyclables container?

Where can I get a recyclables cart?

Recycling carts are provided free of charge to our single-family home residents in unincorporated Lake County. If you are a new resident or if you need a replacement cart you can stop by our Central Facility (13130 County Landfill Rd, Tavares) or call Customer Service at 343-3776. Residents within municipal boundaries should contact their respective municipal department.

Customers are encouraged to separate their recyclables. The recycling cart lid will have information on it to inform residents on what can and cannot be recycled. Items do not have to be sorted.

  1. All loose paper
  2. Newspapers
  3. Magazines
  4. Corrugated and boxboard cardboard
  5. All clear and colored glass
  6. Aluminum containers
  7. Steel and tin cans
  8. Household plastics #1 to #7

Any resident of Lake County may also recycle items at any convenience center. Click here for list of center locations.

For more information about recycling in Lake County, please see the Recycling page on our website


For more information, call 352-343-3776 or log on to our Solid Waste Operations Website




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